Our 2012 Shark sightings in South Florida

Got2Dive’s 2013 New Years Resolution


Got2Dive’s fall scuba adventure with a few of our dive buddies was a dive program called Shark Savers SharksCount. Our scuba endeavor started out in the classroom with a video presentation about Sharks and a briefing by our SharksCount instructor Nikole. The course taught us about the shark population past and present and their presence in the water today. We learned about the drastic decline in the number of common Florida sharks that were once widespread in our ocean reefs.

What is Sharks Savers SharksCount?
A network of recreational volunteer scuba divers that
  • count the number of sharks where ever we dive
  • identify the various sharks
  • log and share location of shark sightings


 Citizen Scientists
After Shark Savers instruction, divers are considered “citizen scientists.” Though with no specific scientific training, these citizen scientists are able to perform research-related tasks such as collecting shark data during recreational dives. The Shark Count program gives recreational SCUBA divers the tools and knowledge to be authorized to collect and submit their findings using customized data and shark ID sheets. Once the data sheets are filled out, it is e-mailed to Shark Savers and added to the shark count information database.
The purpose of citizen scientists is to help improve the protection, conservation and shark5education of these apex predators The information collected also allows scientists and advocacy groups the opportunity to have access to data that can then be analyzed to assess the status and local trends of the Florida sharks that we see. Since SCUBA divers see sharks most frequently, it only makes sense to help collect data and make a difference.
After participating in the Shark Savers classroom studies, we had the jawesome opportunity to put our new knowledge and fresh skills to use at Shark Canyon and Juno Ledge in south Florida. We here at Got2Dive will be counting sharks  in 2013 on all of our SCUBA diving adventures because every shark counts.

 To discover more and learn how you can help or become a citizen scientist recreational SCUBA diver, contact Shark Savers SharksCount program at: