Ladies Mark Your Calendar                                                                                                                     18 July 2015

Photo of Brittany taken in Blue Springs State Park in Orange City Florida

We are super excited and counting down the days for the first ever PADI Women’s Dive Day being held July 18th, 2015. There are events being hosted around the globe for women of all dive levels to participate in this very special SCUBA occasion! PADI created the Women’s Dive Day event as a way to gather women divers together, get them diving and connected in the water, as well as recognize and celebrate women in the SCUBA diving world. The PADI Women’s Dive Day also intends to bring awareness and interest to non-diving women for the sport of SCUBA, because after all, diving is not just for men.

During the PADI Women’s Dive Day we look forward to joining one of our local hosts, “Mermaid4Life,” and their group of outstanding women divers. The Mermaid4Life dive plan on Women’s Dive Day begins with a whimsical ocean-themed dockside fashion show, a drift dive in the warm waters of south Florida, followed by a brunch. This group of women have been preparing for weeks constructing their sea-themed fashion creations with lots of excitement and with great anticipation for this very special day. Got2Dive will also be present for the inaugural PADI Women’s Dive Day capturing the depth of your memories through underwater videography and photography.

PADI dive centers and resorts, dive clubs, and other organizations are hosting female-friendly dives and other events on July 18th, 2015 as part of celebrating women divers. Events vary by location. There is still time to join together and make Women’s Dive Day a forever memory. Don’t miss this special day of celebration – to find a registered participating PADI Women’s Dive Day host in your area, visit the PADI link:   So what are you waiting for?!

Patricia is going!