Got2Dive and Camp

Have you ever thought about mixing scuba diving and camping all in the same weekend?! I know I never did until our friends invited us along their annual scuba diving camping  mini weekend get away.

Our Base Camp was Devil’s Den located at 5390 NE 180th Ave, in Williston Florida.  Depending on your camping needs Devil’s Den has everything from very simple cabins with a double bed, island to eat at, mini fridge, 2 stove burners, kitchen sink, bathroom, and spiral staircase leading to the loft upstairs with another double bed.

As for Got2Dive we opted to try tent camping and scuba diving for the first time ever.  Devil’s Den camp site has a different area for tents and even RV’s with picnic tables and outside grills. There are bathroom facilities with hot showers as well for those tenting at the Den. So with all these camping options available there is something for every type of scuba diving camper.

Base Camp: Devil's Den


So you say not all your family or friends are scuba divers. No worries there are other things to do for those non certified Scuba Divers. Devil’s Den is also a great place to snorkel or to just visit the cave. The huge oculus in the ceiling above dripping with the green leafy vines is an awesome site. It is really a cool geological formation with the honeycomb limestone walls and fresh crystal clear water makes it an amazing place to check out, snorkel or Scuba Dive. There is also a swimming pool at Devil’s Den and right next door there is horseback riding at Two Hawk Hammock that offers trail rides.





Inside Devil's Den


Devil’s Den is the perfect scuba diving base camp  to the other local  fresh watering holes such as Blue Grotto, Ginnie Springs, Manatee Springs and Paradise Springs just to name a few. Our group of divers wanted to hit 40 Fathom Grotto as our second dive destination while camping in Williston.

Devil’s Den is a reasonably priced Scuba Diving Camping mini weekend escape for the entire family, friends and scuba diver. Got2Dive is already planning our next Scuba Diving/Camping weekend get away! Check out our Got2Dive Video highlights below of our scuba diving/ camping weekend! Got2Dive is also on Facebook don’t forget to “like” us and see more pics of our entire scuba diving camping adventure!