Got2Dive With Our  Disabled Veterans

HSA Scuba Dive Buddy

Got2Dive was apart of the HSA Dive Buddy Scuba Diving Program this past weekend! We met up with scuba diving instructors Michael & Felicia Berg of Good Roll Model located in Palm Harbor Florida.  The Berg’s teach Adaptability Scuba for the Disabled. This past weekend the scuba instructors  had six disabled Veterans who wanted to learn to scuba dive.  The dive site was Hudson Grotto in Hudson Florida. 

Scuba Diving Buddies & Veterans

We here at Got2Dive are HSA certified able bodied scuba buddies.  As a Scuba Dive buddy we are responsible for the preparation of:
  • Suiting up our disabled scuba diver
  • assembling our own scuba gear and our buddies if needed
  • and assisting in the scuba dive itself

Scuba Diving Class

In this scuba class three of the disabled veterans were para scuba divers. A para diver does not have use of their legs so the  para divers use their arms for propulsion using special webbed gloves to push through the water. A para scuba diver has the use of their upper body and they are able to perform the basic dive skills required for scuba diving such as:
  • inflate and deflate their BCD
  • clear their ears and mask
  • check their gauges
  • and communicate to the other scuba divers assisting.  
The HSA “Dive Buddy Program”  offers able bodied scuba divers the opportunity to expand the underwater world to include sharing it with a disabled partner especially our disabled veterans. It was an honor and a privilege to spend the weekend scuba diving with our newly certified dive buddies our American Heroes: Alex G., Dustin M., Gil D., Jim M., Jimmy G. and Patrick C.  And a special Thank You also to Michael and  Felicia of Good Roll Model for inviting us again to participate in their SCUBILITY BUDDY/HSA BUDDY/DIVE HEART BUDDY Class. We had a fin-tastic time hanging out with you all over the weekend at Hudson Grotto! Got2Dive again real soon!