How to Scuba Dive Florida and Maintain Your Passion during Off Season

How to Scuba Dive in Florida
Say It Isn’t So! Got2Dive Season is over?! Alright scuba playa’s now that Scuba Diving Florida Season has slowed down it is time to look at how you can sharpen, feed and maintain your passion of Scuba Diving and be ready for the summer of 2012!

So what makes Scuba diving such a life long passion? The shear joy, excitement and anticipation of the next wreck, reef or lobster dive. Or how about a planned scuba diving adventure in an exotic dive destination that is on your dive plan for the new summer ahead.

Scuba Dive in Florida Planning Tips for the next season

Increase Scuba Diving Skills

*First a great way to keep feeding your enthusiasm for scuba diving is to increase your scuba skills. This is a good time to call your local dive shop and inquire about the classes that are available. Mastering a new dive skill will increase your scuba experience and expertise. Certifications such as Advanced, Enriched Air, Tech Diver, Rescue Diver, Cavern and Cave certifications are just a few of the many scuba diving classes available. To keep my scuba skills sharp I just completed my HSA certification this month. This certification allows me as an able-bodied diver the opportunity to expand my underwater world to include sharing it with a handicap partner.

Enlist a Recruit

*Another way to keep sharp and excited about scuba diving is to enlist a new recruit. People say they want to learn to scuba dive…call their bluff! You can be apart of the initiation by offering to bring them to your local dive shop and introduce them to the world of scuba diving. I was able to experience this first hand when my family became certified scuba divers. Watching them turn onto what I love changed my perspective and recharged my excitement for scuba diving!

Scuba Dive Gear

*This is also a good time of year for Scuba Gear Maintenance. When was the last time you had your regulator, tank, scuba dive computer, BCD, etc. serviced? It is a good time to look into the manufactures’ maintenance guide and follow the manufacture’s instruction on your scuba dive equipment.

Marine Life

*Another suggestion is to improve your knowledge of marine life. There are books, fish identification cards and websites available to help increase your knowledge of the marine species.

Plan the Dive and Dive the Plan

*Last but not least Plan the Dive and Dive the Plan for 2012. Take this time to make a bucket list of trips. Experience a new scuba dive site, or if it is in your budget plan for a fantasy scuba dive destination to some exotic place. It is always fun to take scuba divers and newly certified scuba divers to my favorite tried and true scuba dive sites whether it is fresh or salt water and rediscover these dive sites all over again with a buddy who has never been there.

Conclusion – Get excited to Scuba Dive in Florida in 2012

During this down time it is important as scuba divers to stay fit and healthy so stay active during the off season of scuba diving. All this will help keep scuba playa’s scuba savvy, active and excited for the 2012 Scuba diving season! Remember to always dive safe.