2012 Got2Dive Year In Review

Dear Friends of Got2Dive,

We wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! We hope you, your family and friends had an enjoyable holiday season.


2012 SCUBA Year

What a fin-tastic Got2Dive SCUBA year it has been! In 2012 we took a giant stride into the salt and fresh waters here in Florida. Through out the year we met  all kinds of people from snorkelers, to free divers, newly certified SCUBA divers and some awesome surface supporters! We also had the chance to met up with some of our old dive fin-addicts and SCUBA dive together.


Capturing the Depths of Your Memories

You made our Got2Dive year unforgettable!  As we “Captured the Depth of Your Memories” you made some incredible memories for us that we will always cherish! This video montage is dedicated to all those awesome people we had the opportunity to meet and we would like to say “Tanks for the memories”!


Hello 2013

We are so excited to dive into 2013 looking forward to getting more involved:
•In protecting our beautiful marine environment
•Volunteering more with HSA SCUBA
•Following SCUBA students
•Meeting new fin-Addicts
•And diving with our old dive buddies anywhere and  everywhere! If we can log it we  will dive it!

Come and sea it for yourself…get tanked!

Happy 2013!