Going With The Flow


Plan The Dive Dive The Plan

Our scuba buddies from Connecticut called Got2Dive and said                        
 they would be in Jupiter Florida for the Fourth of July week and 

wanted to scuba dive, no let me correct that,  they “needed” to 

get salty since it had been about a year since they were in the 
warm Florida water! Our scuba diving conditions were awesome!  
  • Sunny 90 °  air temp 
  • Water temperature a delicious 84 °  
  • Current moving at about one to one and a half knots 

The Wreck Plan

Our dive plan was to scuba dive into Jupiter’s wrecks known as the West Palm Wreck Trek. One of the  most popular wrecks in the trek is the Mizpah an intentionally sunk ship wreck. Located near the Mizpah is the Princess Anne, Amaryllis  and Murphy’s barge. All of these wrecks are in close proximity of each other. The current makes it possible and easy to see all these wrecks resting on the ocean floor at 90′. As we entered the first wreck we saw a pair of big beautiful Goliath groupers just chillin’ and hanging out. As the scuba divers penetrate the wreck the Goliath Groupers quickly swim out of sight! In the photo is our Connecticut scuba buddies exploring the wreck.

The Reef Plan

One of the Reef’s we drifted over was 
 Breakers Reef. This particular reef
 is known by the local scuba divers as
one of the prettiest scuba diving reefs in 40 to 60 feet of water. The drift dives were wonderful and ridiculous with marine traffic! Turtles sleeping and hanging out everywhere! Spotted Eagle Rays whizzing by and a bull shark muscling his way through the water traffic! Scuba Diver’s even eradicated a few of the predatory lionfish that they came across hiding under the ledges of  Paul’s Reef and Breakers Reefs. Oh and did I mention the corals, sponges and swaying sea fans beautifully decorating the ledges?! Our Connecticut scuba diving buddies were treated to a couple of beautiful sunny days of going with the flow in Florida.  Got2Dive was there to “Capture the Depth of Mark and Robbins Memories! Scuba Diving Palm Beach County wreck and reef drift dives should be on your next Got2Dive plan!