Clubbin’ With Dayo Dive Club

DDC Volunteer Board Members
Got2Dive has not been at the surface much! We have been so busy with our scuba diving adventures these past few months with a new and local scuba diving club in our area. A volunteer group of scuba divers have been working diligently to form the new Dayo Dive Club. Dayo Scuba Training Center of Winter Park/Orlando Florida are the gracious sponsors of the dive club.

Who Are They?

  • They are a nonprofit recreational dive club consisting of SCUBA diving fin-addicts who get together in the name of fun and diving!
  • They are from all walks of life and levels of experience, from beginners to advanced open water, technical and cave divers.
  • They are purely a social crowd that loves to explore the Florida local waters together and do their part to keep the Florida reefs and other recreational dive spots preserved for future generations.

Dive Club Requirements:

  • Sense of adventure
  • A passion for the water
  • A healthy respect for the environment.



Dayo Dive Club is committed to the support and enjoyment of safe recreational diving, while conserving and protecting the marine environment. We here at Got2Dive like that!
This past weekend a group of DDC members had their first shore diving adventure at the Blue Heron Bridge and all I can say is WOW! We had an awesome scuba diving experience! There is so much to see at the Blue Heron Dive site! I recommend you add this dive site to your Got2Dive plan and don’t forget check out Dayo Dive Club on Facebook.