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 Got2Dive the PADI Women’s Dive Day

We attended the first ever PADI Women’s Dive Day held on Saturday July 18th, 2015. It was a day set aside to acknowledge women who are in the diving industry and to celebrate women SCUBA divers of all certification levels around the globe. The event was created for women to come together to enjoy time with each other, to share their love for the sport, and their love for our precious oceans. Robbin Stephenson of Mermaid4Life was one of the official registered PADI hosts in south Florida. Her group of women SCUBA divers came from all over Florida, from Miami to Orlando for the “Shellabration”.

The Oceanista's Sporting their Ocean Inspired Fasion

The Oceanista’s Sporting their Ocean Inspired Fashion

The morning was filled with excitement as a dockside whimsical fashion show began. Each woman tapped into her “oceanista” attitude and expertly strutted her nautical wear along the marina. Some of the women created handmade sea-themed hats and seashell shoes, while others modeled ocean inspired costumes.

After the playful fashion show it was time to disembark. As the divers excitedly boarded the boats, each woman received a PADI gift bag filled with mermaid treasures which included a special pin from PADI commemorating the first ever all Women’s Dive Day. Ready for the adventure ahead, the divers settled into the vessel for the two tank drift dive in Palm Beach with the sun shining and music blaring. The SCUBA women socialized, exchanged information, and prepared their dive gear as they set out to the dive site.

Diving conditions were awesome:
• Hot and Sunny 90 ° air temp
• Water temperature was a delicious 85 °
• And the current moving at about one to one and a half knots

We took a giant stride into the calm, warm water, hitting Juno Ledge perfectly. We came upon a Florida green sea turtle, a couple of reef sharks, a few friendly Goliath Groupers, spiny lobsters, colorful sponges and corals, as well as the typical saltwater fish.

It was fun and exciting to be a part of PADI history in celebrating the first annual Women’s Dive Day. Many thanks go out to Robbin Stephenson of Mermaid4Life for the invitation and graciously hosting the PADI Women’s Dive Day event. We would also like to give a shout-out to Florida Scuba Charters Inc and Ocean Quest Scuba Charters for doing an amazing job with simultaneously dropping off two boats full of women SCUBA divers into the water; their dive guides and deckhands are Fin-tastic and made sure we had the best Women’s Dive Day Event aboard their vessels!

It was truly a day filled with excitement and celebration from beginning to end. If you missed this event, make sure to add the PADI Women’s Dive Day Celebration date to your calendar next year, scheduled for July 16th, 2016! We hope to “sea” you there!

For more information about the 2015 celebration around the globe check out PADI’s link at  http://bit.ly/1SOIrAX    

You can also view more of our fun photos under our Album titled “Mermaid4Life PADI Host” at  https://www.facebook.com/Got2Dive

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GirlFins just wanna have fun!

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